research staff

of Chair and Department of Pharmacognosy, Wroclaw Medical University
Piotr Ku¶ PhD
assistant professor / lecturer
tel. +48 71 78 40 211, e-mail
  • phytochemical analysis in the field of volatile and non-volatile compounds
  • anti-inflammatory tests
  • screening for natural compounds with biological activity and botanical biomarkers
  • - Split University, Croatia
  • - Wageningen University, Netherlands
  • - University of Cagliari, Italy
  • pharmacognosy and phytotherapy classes
  • promotion of master's theses
  • Socrates/Erasmus coordinator for Pharmacy Department
other information
  • 2015 - employment in Medical University
  • 2014 - PhD (pharmacy)
  • 2009 - MSc (pharmacy)
  • Jerković Igor, Marijanović Zvonimir, Ku¶ Piotr, Tuberoso Carlo
    Comprehensive study of Mediterranean (Croatian) propolis peculiarity: headspace, volatiles, anti-Varroa-treatment residue, phenolics, and antioxidant properties
    Chemistry & Biodiversity 2016; 13(2): 210-218
  • Ku¶ Piotr, Szweda Piotr, Jerković Igor, Tuberoso Carlo
    Activity of Polish unifloral honeys against pathogenic bacteria and its correlation with colour, phenolic content, antioxidant capacity and other parameters
    Letters in Applied Microbiology 2016; 62(3): 269-276
  • Jerković Igor, Kranjac Marina, Suste Marko, Ku¶ Piotr, Svecnjak Lidija
    Rhamnus frangula honey: screening of volatile organic compounds and their composition after short-term heating
    Chemistry of Natural Compounds 2015; 51(6): 1174-1177
  • Jerković Igor, Tuberoso Carlo, Baranović Goran, Marijanović Zvonimir, Kranjac Marina, Svecnjak Lidija, Ku¶ Piotr
    Characterization of summer savory (Satureja hortensis L.) honey by physico-chemical parameters and chromatographic/spectroscopic techniques (GC-FID/MS, HPLC-DAD, UV/VIS and FTIR-ATR)
    Croatica Chemica Acta 2015; 88(1): 15-22
  • Ku¶ Piotr, Marijanović Zvonimir, Jerković Igor
    Evaluation of HS-SPME and ultrasonic solvent extraction for monitoring of plant flavours added by the bees to herbhoneys: traceability biomarkers
    Food Additives & Contaminants 2015, 32a(11): 1761-1771
  • Ku¶ Piotr, van Ruth Saskia
    Discrimination of Polish unifloral honeys using overall PTR-MS and HPLC fingerprints combined with chemometrics
    LWT - Food Science and Technology 2015; 62(1):69-75
  • Szweda Piotr, Gucwa Katarzyna, Kurzyk Ewelina, Romanowska Ewa, Dzierżanowska-Fangrat Katarzyna, Jurek Anna, Ku¶ Piotr, Milewski Sławomir
    Essential oils, silver nanoparticles and propolis as alternative agents against fluconazole resistant Candida albicans, Candida glabrata and Candida krusei clinical isolates
    Indian Journal of Microbiology 2015; 55(2): 175-183
  • Jerković Igor, Tuberoso Carlo, Ku¶ Piotr, Marijanović Zvonimir, Kranjac Marina
    Screening of Coffea spp. honey by different methodologies: theobromine and caffeine as chemical markers
    RSC Advances 2014; 4(105): 60557-60562
  • Šarolić Mladenka, Gugić Mirko, Tuberoso Carlo, Jerković Igor, Suste Marko, Marijanović Zvonimir, Ku¶ Piotr
    Volatile profile, phytochemicals and antioxidant activity of virgin olive oils from Croatian autochthonous varieties Mašnjača and Krvavica in comparison with Italian variety Leccino
    Molecules 2014; 19(1): 881-895
  • Ku¶ Piotr, Congiu Francesca, Teper Dariusz, Sroka Zbigniew, Jerković Igor, Tuberoso Carlo
    Antioxidant activity, color characteristics, total phenol content and general HPLC fingerprints of six Polish unifloral honey types
    LWT - Food Science and Technology 2014; 55(1): 124-130
  • Jerković Igor, Ku¶ Piotr, Tuberoso Carlo, Šarolić Mladenka
    Phytochemical and physical-chemical analysis of Polish willow (Salix spp.) honey: Identification of the marker compounds
    Food Chemistry 2014; 145: 8-14
  • Ku¶ Piotr, Jerković Igor, Tuberoso Carlo, Marijanović Zvonimir, Congiu Francesca
    Cornflower (Centaurea cyanus L.) honey quality parameters: Chromatographic fingerprints, chemical biomarkers, antioxidant capacity and others
    Food Chemistry 2014; 142: 12-18
  • Tuberoso Carlo, Jerković Igor, Sarais Giorgia, Congiu Francesca, Marijanović Zvonimir, Ku¶ Piotr
    Color evaluation of seventeen European unifloral honey types by means of spectrophotometrically determined CIE L*C*abab chromaticity coordinates
    Food Chemistry 2014; 145: 284-291
  • Ku¶ Piotr, Jerković Igor, Tuberoso Carlo, Marijanović Zvonimir, Šarolić Mladenka
    GC-MS fingerprints and other physico-chemical characteristics of rare unifloral Prunus cerasus L. honey
    Natural Product Communications 2013; 8(5): 651-654
  • Ku¶ Piotr, Marijanović Zvonimir, Jerković Igor
    Headspace compounds from Centaurea cyanus L. honey: the occurence of 3,4-dihydro-3-oxoedulan
    Chemistry of Natural Compounds 2013; 49(5): 961-964
  • Ku¶ Piotr, Jerković Igor, Tuberoso Carlo, Šarolić Mladenka
    The volatile profiles of a rare apple (Malus domestica Borkh.) honey: Shikimic acid-pathway derivatives, terpenes, and others
    Chemistry & Biodiversity 2013; 10(9): 1638-1652
  • Jerković Igor, Obradović Marina, Ku¶ Piotr, Šarolić Mladenka
    Bioorganic diversity of rare Coriandrum sativum L. Honey: Unusual chromatographic profiles containing derivatives of linalool/oxygenated methoxybenzene
    Chemistry & Biodiversity 2013; 10(8): 1549-1558

monographs, elaborations, reviews
  • Jerković Igor, Ku¶ Piotr
    Terpenes in honey: occurrence, origin and their role as chemical biomarkers
    RSC Advances 2014; 4(60): 31710-31728
  • Matkowski Adam, Ku¶ Piotr, Góralska Edyta, WoĽniak Dorota
    Mangiferin - a bioactive xanthonoid, not only from mango and not just antioxidant
    Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry 2013; 13(3): 439-455
  • Ku¶ Piotr, Góralska Edyta, WoĽniak Dorota, Matkowski Adam
    Mangiferyna - aktywny biologicznie ksanton i nie tylko
    Postępy Farmacji 2011; 1: 3-8
  • WoĽniak Dorota, Ku¶ Piotr, ¦lusarczyk Sylwester, Matkowski Adam
    Kł±cze Belamcanda chinesis jako Ľródło biologicznie aktywnej mangiferyny
    W: Substancje pochodzenia roślinnego oraz ich zastosowanie w terapii naturalnej i kosmetyce; red. Matkowski Adam, Rogóż Magdalena, Noculak-Palczewska Alicja
    Wyższa Szkoła Fizjoterapii, Wrocław 2008, s.51-55

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