taxonomy and systematics

Agricultural Research Service - Germaplasm Resources Information Network (ARS-GRIN)
Agriculture And Agri-Food Canada - Germaplasm Resources Information Network
Angiosperm Phylogeny Website (Missouri Botanical Garden)
Gymnosperm Database (Bonn Universität)
Flowering Plant Gateway
Index Fungorum (CABI Bioscience Database)
International Association For Plant Taxonomy (IAPT)
International Plant Names Index (IPNI)
Plants National Database (USDA)
SYSTAX (Ulm Universität)
The Plant List
Vascular Plant Families And Genera (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew)
Vascular Tropicos Nomenclatural Database (Missouri Botanical Garden)

identification of plants

Vascular Plants of Poland Photoflora
Mushrooms and Fungi of Poland
Flora Ojczysta (in polish only)
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